5 parts smartphone that is easy to dirty and how to clean it

Bacteria can be in various places and objects, including on smartphones. Given the smartphone is often used and taken to various places, of course, become dirty faster and in the end can be a place for bacteria.

The condition of a dirty smartphone does not close the possibility will impact on the health of its users. Therefore, you should be careful when using it, especially the easy part dirty.

1. Smartphone screen

The screen is part of the smartphone that most tangent to the body when in use. The dirty screen of the smartphone can be caused by fingerprints, even facial oils that stick to when used for calling.

Smartphone screen

To clean the screen, you need to use a microfiber cloth that has a soft texture. Wet the fabric with a little water, then wipe it on the screen in a twist. Put a little pressure on the stains that are hard to remove.

2. Smartphone Body

The smartphone body is often in contact with various surfaces. Of course it will be difficult to remove the stains on this part. Generally, stains ink pens often make the body becomes dirty.

Smartphone Body

You need to use eucalyptus oil or hand sanitizer. Rotate it only on the dirty part. Repeat until the stain slowly disappears. Finally, wipe the wetted microfiber cloth to remove any residual eucalyptus oil and hand sanitizer.

3. Hole on the smartphone

Hole on Smartphone

Smooth dust generally accumulate on the hole audio, charging, microphone and speakers. To clean it up, you have to be careful to avoid damage. Use dried cotton buds or cotton to clean the dust on the smartphone hole.

4. Additional casing of smartphones

Additional casing is to protect and make the smartphone is not easy to dirty. However, it does not mean that the casing is not a den of dust and bacteria. Every now and then you also need to clean it up.

Just like the body and the hole of a smartphone, you can clean it with microfiber cloth and cotton buds. Clean the casing body with a wetted microfiber cloth. Regarding the hard-to-reach parts, you can use cotton buds to clean it up.

5. Earphones, Headsets, and Headphones

For those of you who like to listen to music, of course can not escape from this one object. Just like other parts, earphones as a smartphone accessories can become a nest of bacteria because it is often used. This also applies to other accessories, such as headsets and headphones.


Dust and dirt that accumulate can be very risky. Clean the hole using cotton buds or cotton. Create earphone users, do not hesitate to replace earbuds if old ones are dirty.