PayPal confirms to retire the ability to send money via BBM

PayPal logo
PayPal announces its decision regarding the integration of its services in a number of popular chat apps like Messenger and Skype. One application that allows users to send money via PayPal is BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).

However, PayPal discontinues supporting these capabilities in BBM apps. This decision is known to a number of users after finding the option of money transfer via PayPal disappeared in the latest beta version of BBM application.

Previously, a number of parties thought the disappearance of this option as a result of bugs contained in the beta version, and believe that the BlackBerry will bring improvements to the final version of the application update.

It is denied by PayPal through its official statement, calling its decision to eliminate this option on BBM based on the results of his research. The termination of PayPal support in BBM was officially put into effect on February 6, 2018.

Meanwhile, BlackBerry Limited CEO John Chen introduced the BlackBerry Jarvis in the North American International Automotive Show (NAIAS).

Jarvis is a cloud-based static-based binary code scanning solution that can identify weaknesses in software used in cars.

Although BlackBerry originally marketed Jarvis to car manufacturers, the Canadian company also mentioned that Jarvis could be used in other industries ranging from health, defense to industrial automation.

The introduction of Jarvis is judged as a follow-up move by BlackBerry in envisioning the realm of technology for automotive, having previously agreed to help Baidu in preparing his autonomous car, named Apollo.