Qualcomm partnered with Samsung for 5G processor production

Qualcomm logo
Since the end of 2017, smartphone and internet industry players have talked about 5G, Qualcomm is one that has demonstrated the power of 5G in smartphones.

Qualcomm has expressed cooperation with Samsung in the process of producing a 7nm chipset that will be embedded 5G modem.

The reason is because Samsung already has the technology of making 7nm LPP chipset (Low Power Plus) EUV. This technology makes the chipset as well as the size of the processor becomes smaller so as to provide more space in the smartphone.

OEMs or smartphone vendors can take advantage of the space to fill it with other technology components, such as larger batteries, or even make the smartphone becomes thinner again.

Qualcomm's website stated that when compared to 10nm FinFET chipset technology, Samsung 7nm LPP EUV technology improves the efficiency of the area by 40 percent coupled with its performance by 10 percent and lower power consumption up to 35 percent.

In this partnership, Qualcomm will immerse the X24 modem for their first 7nm chipset. X24 is none other than 4G LTE modem with speed 2 GBps embedded in their latest processor Snapdragon 845.

While the chipset modem Snapdragon X50 reportedly will appear in 2019. In the event Mobile Word Congress (MWC) 2018 in Barcelona on 26 February to 1 March 2018 later the possibility of Qualcomm will re-laid out 5G plans in this year and next.