Samsung announced it will launch Bixby-powered smart speakers in mid 2018

Samsung logo
Samsung will soon penetrate the realm of intelligent speakers by launching the device of his work in the second half of this year. This information is delivered by Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh at Mobile World Congress (MWC).

Samsung smart speakers will be supported by a virtual assistant made by Samsung, Bixby. Previously this virtual assistant has been found on Samsung's flagship smartphone, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + and now also available on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 +.

Koh calls these speakers to be premium-class devices. Samsung does not attempt to compete with affordable speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home. Samsung claimed to choose to market it at a premium price in order to bring better features.

Until now, Samsung is still reluctant to share more detailed information related to the features that will be carried intelligent speakers of his work. However, these intelligent speakers are predicted to be able to control the Samsung SmartThings system by utilizing voice commands via Bixby speakers.

For information, Samsung SmartThings is a smart home ecosystem, which connects sensors, devices and electronics into a single network, enabling users to control it more easily.

Until now, there is also no information related to the price that Samsung will provide for this intelligent speaker. Rumors are circulating mention, Samsung will market it at a price of about US $ 200. 

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