Samsung broke the record for the highest quarterly earnings

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The Samsung boss was arrested on bribery charges last year. In addition, the Vice Chairman of Samsung also resigned. However, it does not make Samsung's finances messed up. Conversely, the company actually get a big profit in Q4 2017.

Samsung gained an operating profit of US $ 14 billion for Q4 and a profit of US $ 50 billion during 2017 thanks to the success of its screen and chip division.

Samsung's revenue is much higher than their profit in Q4 2016, which only reached US $ 8 billion. One thing to remember, Samsung's revenues when it is declining due to the Galaxy Note 7 issue.

As mentioned by Bloomberg, Samsung is now a chip company with the largest revenue in the world. The South Korean company's processor division earned $ 69 billion while Intel earned only $ 63 billion.

Meanwhile, one reason why Samsung's screen division's success is due to Apple's exclusively ordering OLED display on Samsung.

Samsung's smartphone division has long made no major contribution to the company. Affected by the cost of marketing, the operating profit of Samsung's smartphone division actually dropped from US $ 2.3 billion in Q4 2016 to US $ 2.25 billion in the same period last year.

Samsung's first-class smartphone sales have declined, although the Galaxy Note 8 shipment actually increased from the previous quarter.

Samsung estimates that there will be higher demands on premium smartphones. Therefore, they believe, their smartphone business will again improve after they launched the Galaxy S9 on 25 February.

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