Samsung considers changing the name of the Galaxy S9's successor to Galaxy X

Samsung company
Rumors related to Samsung's consideration to change its flagship naming scheme have been in circulation for several years. However, this time the new naming rumor of Samsung's flagship smartphone is called to be a reality.

Sources from South Korea claim that Samsung Galaxy S9 launched this year will be the last device with the brand Galaxy S. Samsung's flagship device in 2019 comes to be the first device bearer name Galaxy X.

A number of parties judge, the election of the name was inspired by the naming scheme chosen by Apple in naming the iPhone X. The news circulated that the South Korean company is just want to simplify naming the most important smartphone work.

To simplify the complexity of naming these smartphones, Samsung is reported to be avoiding name combinations like the Galaxy S11 or S12 that are considered to be causing confusion among consumers.

In addition, the change of name is also considered to be a step Samsung to be able to compete with Apple and iPhone X series better. This information has not received confirmation directly from the Samsung.

So fans are required to wait until Samsung is willing to open the rumor-related voice of this plan, because the naming of Galaxy X is often used in reports to refer to the next generation folding smartphone sail.

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