Samsung distinguishes Galaxy Premium with folding OLED screens in 2018

Samsung has just officially confirmed the company will start mass production of folding panels this year. Samsung also mentioned that this year's strategy includes continuing efforts to embed differences in its smartphone work.

The differences that will be embedded include adopting advanced technology, such as folding OLED screens. The statement indicates Samsung is preparing for competition this year.

Therefore, the design of the smartphone that can be folded Galaxy X, or referred to as Wing, reportedly almost completed and in the final polishing process. Samsung reportedly presents a prototype panel folding outwards and in the secret meeting at the CES event last 2018.

In his presentation at the secret meeting, this so-called product will soon be launched in the market. Galaxy series device with folding screen panel is rumored to be marketed with folding model to the inside.

While the outward folding type will be presented on the next generation of folding devices. This is due to the higher panel curvature when folded, so the device needs better endurance capability.

Unfortunately, Samsung's registered patents do not specify in detail the panels are folded inwards. Questioning the actual screen size when unfolded, the screen measures 7.3 inches.

The screen size allows users to watch videos with a relatively good level of comfort. Users can also get the convenience associated with storage in the pocket thanks to the ability of the screen folded into smaller sizes.

In addition, another patent document listed by Samsung also mentioned that users will be able to expand the screen by pressing a special button on the body of the device.

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