Samsung's OLED panel production capacity reportedly increased after Apple cut production of the iPhone X

iPhone X
Apple's announcement of cuts Production of the iPhone X effect on a number of parties, one of which as one of Samsung OLED display panel vendors are used on the model of the 10th anniversary of the iPhone.

Samsung reportedly has increased its OLED panel production capacity based on predictive numbers it receives from Apple. iPhone X being the only iPhone 2017 generation model supported by an OLED display.

With production cuts, Samsung is overloaded. Samsung charges US $ 100 for each OLED panel, including touch sensors.

The price is twice as high as compared to Samsung's LCD panel used on Apple iPhone 8 Plus.

Meanwhile, smartphone manufacturers are still reluctant to switch from LCD panel to OLED due to higher offerings. For example, only half of the 10 percent of devices manufactured by major Chinese manufacturers, such as Oppo and Vivo, use OLED panels.

Most Chinese device manufacturers who use these higher-priced screens are said to be increasing their production capacity. Meanwhile last year, Samsung used fewer OLED display panels internally, compared to 2016.

Unfortunately, while helping to increase price-related competitiveness with competitors, more and more manufacturers are building their own OLED panel manufacturing facilities to contribute to the abundant capacity, which Samsung has used by 50 percent to 60 percent.

The abundance of OLED panel production capacity is expected to continue in the future. LG Display is one of a number of companies that build its new OLED production line. Overall, this capacity is predicted to double by 2020.

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