Sony decided to change the design of the device at the last minute

Sony logo
Sony is expected to announce its latest flagship device this month at the 2018 Mobile World Congress (MWC). Sony has also reportedly changed its decision regarding the design of its flagship smartphone.

In a document submitted to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), Sony Mobile requests one of the permits it receives from the regulatory body to be abolished. According to the Japanese company, the reason for the removal of this permit related to the design changes.

Because devices that have received approval from the FCC are not yet marketed, the US regulatory body is thought to be easier in granting approval regarding the abolition of this permit.

The document that was filed by Sony was on February 7, so the design changes that the company would adopt were judged to be no major change, although it was expected to be an important change.

Until now can not be ascertained associated with Sony's plans to change its flagship device. Sony confirmed that its company's press conference at the 2018 MWC event will be held on February 26, which will introduce
middle class Xperia smartphones.