Sony promotes Kenichiro Yoshida as the new CEO

Kenichiro Yoshida
Sony officially announced the resignation of CEO Kazuo Hirai on Friday. Kaz's position will be replaced by Sony Corp. Chief Financial Officer Kenichiro Yoshida.

Yoshida will take the top position in Sony from April 1, 2018, replacing Hirai who has been CEO since 2012. Hirai will remain at Sony as a board of directors.

"I will take over the foundation of management built under Hirai's leadership, and to enhance Sony's competitiveness as a global company," Yoshida said.

He said he would dedicate himself to change the company and increase its profitability. Furthermore, he also expressed satisfaction and pride that in the third and final year of the company's medium-term plan, Sony is expected to be able to pocket revenues beyond the target.

"As companies approach the crucial point, when we are about to embark on a new mid-term plan, I consider this an ideal time to shift leadership to new management, to Sony's future and also to myself to start a new chapter of my life." .

Hirai herself occupied the CEO position for about five years and worked closely with Yoshida to reverse the exit from the financial crisis in recent years. Among its key initiatives, Sony is streamlining its mobile division by laying off many employees.

He delivered the PS4 to contribute a huge advantage for Sony. The rest, the Japanese company is not only focus to hardware but also to the software and develop artificial intelligence.