Sony wants to provide online transport services

Sony logo
Sony said that they will work with Daiwa Motor Transportation and five other local taxi companies to develop a transportation system that connects drivers with passengers through applications, just like Uber.

However, Sony plans to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to better predict demand for passengers so that they can provide drivers more efficiently.

To do that, they will consider traffic, driving history, weather and local events. Prior to this, Sony had used their AI technology in Aibo dog robot.

Sony will launch its new business in the spring, along with the launch of a new payment system.

The six taxi companies that will work with Sony include Green Cab, International Motor, Kusumi Transportation, Checker Cab Radio Cooperative Association, Hinomaru Transportation, and Daiwa Motor.

In total, the six companies have 10 thousand taxis in the Greater Tokyo area. Sony said they are developing a platform that allows taxi drivers from other companies to join.

Sony's decision to do this came at a time when CEO Uber Dara Khosrowshahi traveled to Tokyo in order to again try to enter the Japanese market.

"It is clear to me that we need to work together, especially working with the taxi industry here, which basically has excellent service," Khosrowshahi said. "However, the service has not yet adapted to technological developments."

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