Telegram was missing from the App Store

Telegram logo
Telegram chat application reportedly disappeared from Apple's app store, App Store. This information is known from the 9to5Mac report and uploaded in the Reddit forum some time ago.

The app had indeed disappeared from the App Store search page. However, at this time, Telegram is back in attendance at the application store.

Telegram itself did not reveal the reasons behind the loss of the application in the App Store. However, according to Telegram CEO, Pavel Durov, the application was removed for violating the terms of Apple.

"We have been warned by Apple that there is inappropriate content to be accessible to users and our apps are withdrawn from the App Store and after that we can expect to get back to the App Store soon," Durov wrote on his official Twitter account.

For information, Apple does prohibit content that is considered intrusive or offensive in the developer's guidelines. In one sub-section also called this applies to user-generated content, such as those on the Telegram channel.

"Apps with user-generated content or other services used for pornographic content, attacking or threatening people are prohibited on the App Store and will be removed without prior notice," Apple wrote.