Tesla and South Australia want to build a virtual power plant

Musk and Weatherill
South Australia announced that it will pair solar panels and Powerwall batteries on thousands of homes to create a virtual power grid network.

The first phase of this plan has already begun. Later, the network will cover up to 50,000 homes, creating the world's "largest virtual power plant", according to South Australia's Prime Minister, Jay Weatherill.

"Our energy plans make us a leader in the use of renewable energy and now we are easing more families to make their homes energy independent," said Weatherill.

"We will use citizens' homes to generate energy for the South Australian power grid.The benefits gained by the homes that participate in this plan are significant electricity cost savings."

Installation of Tesla 5 kilowatts solar panels and batteries has begun at 1,100 homes. Later, there will be 24 thousand other homes are fitted with solar panels and batteries Tesla. After that, the program will expand to reach as many as 50 thousand homes in South Australia over the next 4 years..

Homeowners who want to participate in the program do not have to pay to buy solar panels and Tesla batteries, purchased using a grant worth millions of dollars and loans from renewable energy funding agencies.

This program will be run using the money earned from the sale of extra energy created by the power grid.

Now, South Australia already has the largest battery in the world. It was the result of the challenge given to Elon Musk. After a massive power cut in 2016, South Australia continues to seek renewable energy to tackle their energy shortages.