The Google Assistant Go app is present in the Play Store

Google Assistant Go
Google re-released a lightweight version of its app. After the release of a simple version of Maps and YouTube apps, this time the company released the Google Assistant Go app.

This app is designed for Android smartphones with low specifications or Android Go. This app still has a number of key features in Google Assistant.

Google Assistant Go version still allows users to make calls via voice commands, send SMS, play music, including weather information. Users can still play trivia quizzes in this app.

However, considering this simple version of the app, there are some features that are absent. Some features not present in this app are controls for smart devices, Actions on Google, and only support English.

Previously, Google also released Google Go as a quota-saving Google search app. This app is made to work faster on smartphones with low RAM and 2G internet network.

Google Go only requires 5MB memory slot. In addition to a more compact memory capacity, users can also save up to 40 percent quota when searching for information with Google Go.

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