The price of the Bitcoin back dropped dramatically

Market cryptocurrency back downhill. On Friday, for the first time since November 2017, the value of bitcoin decreased under $8,000 per chip. These virtual currencies experienced a 12 percent price drop in the next 24 hours.

The same time, other cryptocurrency such as litecoin, and the ethereum, ripple is also a two-digit decline to 18 percent. The decline in the number of virtual currency at the same time allegedly indicated problems collectively on a cryptocurrency, not a problem invdividu each virtual currency.

Earlier in the year 2018 is indeed becoming a starting weight for bitcoin due to strict regulations of some countries. As China took decisive steps subject onsite bitcoin. China also undertake overseas blocking for executives of companies that deal with bitcoin. 

So it is with South Korea planning to crack down on owners of the firm cryptocurrency who use it for illegal transactions.

In the realm of social media, Facebook banned the serving of ads that promote cryptocurrency. These rules also apply to Instagram owned by Facebook.

Declining prices cryptocurrency including bitcoin is also caused by a case of hacking one of the site's virtual currency trading in Japan named Coincheck some time ago. A result of the incident which caused the loss of about $500 million of that, Coincheck briefly halt trading of all virtual currency besides Bitcoin.

The value of Bitcoin has now crept up to a range of US $9,000 per chip. The figure was not yet up to half of the value of the highest recorded in last December, in the range of US $19.700 per chip.

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