The Wikipedia free service from the Wikimedia Foundation is discontinued

Wikipedia Zero
The Wikimedia Foundation has suspended Wikipedia Zero, a program created to make their online encyclopedia accessible without consuming user data packets around the world.

The service was initially introduced in 2012. To realize the program, Wikimedia cooperates with telecom operators in various countries.

The program is available in 72 countries, supported by 97 telecom operators with subscribers reaching 800 million people.

However, the Wikimedia Foundation found that there was "a significant reduction in the adoption rate and interest in the program" within the past two years.

They mentioned, one of the reasons people are less interested in the program is because not many people know about Wikipedia.

Another reason is because the price of data packets in the world began to decline in the last few years.

According to research conducted by the Alliance for Affordable Internet Alliance coalition last November, countries in Africa are the region with the greatest decline in Internet prices between 2015 and 2016, although internet prices in the region remain the highest in the world.

Nevertheless, it remains good news. In addition, it is possible, the emergence of new technologies such as 5G and also the widespread 4G network will make the Internet price will continue to fall in the next few years.

One thing to remember, this free Wikipedia service is not warmly welcomed in all countries, as regulators in some countries consider that free internet service is not a good thing. The reason, it can give them an advantage in the face of competition.