Tim Cook discuss Apple Watch and Apple Pay to Apple shareholders

Tim Cook
Apple investors from around the world gathered at Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California, United States, to conduct annual shareholder meetings. The investor is reportedly undergoing a discussion with Tim Cook CEO related to Apple Watch and Apple Pay.

Cook reportedly bemoaned the fact that Apple Pay has not completely replaced cash as a method of payment in various transactions. In addition, the executive also revealed that the use of Apple Pay is not as expected.

Nevertheless, Cook hopes to stay alive to witness the process of eliminating physical money. Cook also mentioned that the large increase in Apple Watch sales could further encourage the use of Apple Pay.

Apple Watch has become a leader in the world of wearable devices, and as many as eight million units of devices have been distributed from October to December 2017. The number posted the record for most units distributed in a quarter by wearable device manufacturers.

Apple is claimed to be the largest intelligent watch company in the world, and within three years, Apple has surpassed other watch manufacturers who have started in the watch business for over 100 years.

Cook also revealed that Apple has done as many as 19 acquisitions over the past 2017. Generally, Apple refuses to share information related to the company it has acquired. The CEO said Apple is still looking for opportunities to acquire other companies. 

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