Twitter announced that their stocks are rising and making first-time profits

Twitter stock
For the first time, Twitter announced that it made a profit in their quarterly financial statements, setting their share prices up to the highest in two years. Twitter makes a profit thanks to revenue growth outside the United States.

Overall, Twitter revenue rose two percent in Q4, beating analysts' expectations forecast Twitter will fall back.

Investors are wondering why Twitter does not make money, even though its social media is popular among celebrities, athletes, and politicians like the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Twitter revenue from outside the US rose 17 percent, closing the 8 percent drop in the US. Revenue in Japan rose 34 percent to US $ 106 million. Chief Financial Officer Ned Segal mentioned that Chinese journalists often advertise their social media outside the US.

Later, Twitter focused on offering new features to attract new users. One they do is double the number of characters that can be used in one tweet.

"Advertisers want to get the public's attention, whatever Twitter can do to increase the number of people accessing their social media on a daily basis will offer better return on investment," said Alfred Liousas, an analyst with Forrester Research.

Monthly active users rose 4 percent to 330 million. Twitter says, one reason for rising revenue is because they use user data to offer ads that suit the user.

This will increase the likelihood that someone clicks on the ad that appears. In addition, sales of video ads and new ad formats are another reason for Twitter's revenue growth.