Uber Eats driver shot the lives of his customers to death

Driver UberEats
The UberEats driver in Atlanta, USA, shot and deprived the lives of 30-year-old customers while delivering food orders, on Saturday February 17, 2018.

Reported victim named Ryan Thornton could be seen holding talks after receiving his order at the victim's apartment at 23:00 local time at that time. Thornton received a shot several times until his life was not saved.

Today the police in Atlanta are investigating and hunting for the driver. Of course from the Uber admitted surprised and disappointed over the occurrence of it.

For Uber, this tarnished the name of UberEats which some time ago was called as one of the most popular service from Uber, even compared to Uber ride-sharing service including the number of operational areas.

Uber's own party actually has a regulation that prohibits any driver or driver listed in the service they carry firearms during actively operating as a partner of Uber riders.

However, the regulation did sound less binding. The case is believed to be the first crime committed by UberEats service drivers and not to add to the list of criminal cases committed by Uber drivers.

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