Uber forced the driver to rest after work 12 hours

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Uber will require its drivers to be offline after 12 hours of operation. Uber in the United States will issue this policy to prevent accidents due to sleepy driver's condition or to fall asleep while driving.

Uber in the United States will set the plan following a similar move already started by Uber in the UK. In Britain, Uber's rider partners must rest for 6 hours after operating for 10 hours.

Not only is this a recommendation, but Uber will reinforce the policy by automatically disabling the application used by Uber's partner for 6 hours if it has been operating for 12 hours.

Uber claims two-thirds of its riders in the United States operate less than 10 hours a week, but they do not specify how many active riders operate for more than 12 hours.

While this policy seems good, there is always a way for the driver's partner to avoid this policy. For example by being a dual driver not only for Uber but also a similar platform, for example Lyft in the United States.

In addition, most of these driver partners operate on the day after they complete their main work during the day, making it a challenge for Uber to provide a more viable life for his driver partners.