Unilever threatens Facebook and Google do not contribute positively to child protection

Unilever company
Unilever recently issued a condemnation to Facebook and Google. The reason, the two social media giants are considered not serious in giving a positive contribution to society in terms of protection of children from the threat of cyber crime.

Unilever Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Keith Weed, claimed to have contacted Facebook and Google.

The criticism is intended to urge both to increase the user's transparency and trust for false information and other negative content at risk for children's users.

"We decided not to advertise on social media like Facebook that does not contribute positively to the community, especially on child protection," Weed said.

Weed also said, the level of public confidence in social media is now in the lowest position. The reason, the tech giants seem to seem indifferent to eradicate negative matter.

"Many negative materials such as racism, sexism, and terrorism are spreading hate messages, which is unfortunately accessible to children anytime, anywhere, all social media actors should be able to act more," he added.

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