Users can now create music list via Alexa

Amazon Alexa
Amazon announced an update containing new capabilities for Alexa, related to music. Now users can create and modify their playlists using Alexa's help.

Alexa can now create playlists from scratch or specific songs and add songs to different playlists. This feature was first introduced in beta a few weeks ago, and began to be released to Amazon Music Unlimited users in the United States.

Amazon mentions that this feature is the most requested feature by the user. This request indicates that the public is using the intelligent speakers of his work, Echo, to listen to music.

Amazon's products are not focused on similar audio experience of its competitors, but Amazon has begun working with third-party hardware manufacturers such as Sonos and Harman to offer a more music-focused experience.

While the latest survey released National Public Radio (NPR) and Edison Research revealed the number of owners of intelligent speakers works of Amazon or Google in the United States increased by 128 percent since January 2017.

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