YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki says Logan Paul does not need to be removed from the platform yet

Logan Paul
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki revealed her decision that the controversial YouTube Star Logan Paul should not be removed from the platform, at least for now. Paul was in the spotlight after his video journey to Japan featured the bodies of suicide victims.

As a result, YouTube temporarily suspends revenue from advertising on Paul's account. However, in the Code Media conference in Huntington Beach, California, Wojcicki mentions that Paul has not met the criteria until it needs to be banned from the YouTube platform.

"Paul has not made three major offense chances, we can not just withdraw from our platform, creators must violate our policies so we can do it, we have to be consistent with the rules.

Wojcicki responds to questions from interviewer Kara Swisher over the reasons YouTube has not banned Paul in response to her video from Japan. Paul has uploaded an apology video in connection with the video being rated as insensitive.

Later, Paul also uploaded a video showing him shocking a dead rat. This video is judged to be insufficient violation of YouTube's policies, and Wojcicki's assessment of the video representing the creator's low taste is not a sufficient reason for YouTube to ban creators from its platform.

Wojcicki also mentioned that the assessment of the taste buds on a video of each person is different, so YouTube needs to cling to the detailed criteria that have been compiled on its policy, and can be applied to millions of videos and creators.

Wojcicki's response reflects the increasing pressure facing YouTube to remove offensive videos from its services. Unilever, a major consumer product advertiser, threatened to ignore the "toxic" platform earlier this week, saying it would avoid places that do not contribute positively to society.

For information, YouTube has three major opportunities that may cause the creator account to be deleted if a fraud is committed three times. Behavior prohibited on the platform includes various activities, including copyright and violations.  

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