YouTube is ready to sanction any offensive videos

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After the Logan Paul incident resulted in the removal of advertising-related opportunities on his channel, YouTube announced a broader and more formal set of sanctions prepared to limit the creators who started uploading inappropriate videos.

Similar to what he does on Paul's channel, YouTube says it will revoke the monetization option on the video, particularly access to the advertising program. In addition, YouTube also added other sanctions on the video related to its popularity.

In blog uploads, Vice President of Product Management of YouTube Ariel Bardin says it will remove the channel's eligibility to be recommended on YouTube, such as appearing on the Home page, trending tab or later watch, on its social network.

Channels that violate these YouTube policies will remove channels from Premium Monetization Programs, Promotion and Content Development Partnerships.

YouTube will also remove the channel from Google Preferred and suspend, cancel or delete the Original YouTube account of the creator.

In connection with the Monetization and Creator Support Privileges program, YouTube will suspend the channel's ability to serve ads, the ability to generate revenue and potentially remove channels from the YouTube Partner Program, including support for creators and access to YouTube Space.

YouTube currently leverages the help of human curator and AI teams to track creator-uploaded content. If a video is detected in opposition to YouTube's advertising policies or as a threat to the wider community, it is considered YouTube has a greater chance of violating the rules it implements.

Previously, Google announced the expansion of the YouTube Go app to over 130 new developing countries around the world. YouTube Go is a lightweight version of YouTube, designed for low-end devices on slow-speed networks.

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