100 voice commands that can be done Bixby in Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
As is known Samsung now has its own virtual assistant called Bixby. Since the launch of the Galaxy S8 premium series and the latest Galaxy Note 8, Bixby has been embedded and used as one of the main selling points offered by Samsung.
At a glance about this virtual assistant, according to Samsung, Bixby can adapt to its users. He can be called whenever needed and will offer various modes of interaction. Users can directly provide various commands that will be directly done by Bixby.

The question is, what kind of commands can Bixby understand? Well, to facilitate you, here we present 100 things that can be done by this super intelligent virtual assistant:

Basic commands for everyday use:

  •     Restart my phone
  •     What time is it?
  •     Turn the volume up/down
  •     Flashlight on/off
  •     Turn on do not disturb
  •     Read aloud my last notification
  •     Clear all notifications
  •     Call the last number that called me
  •     Call me an Uber to take me to the Airport
  •     Hi Bixby, remember where I parked
  •     Turn on WiFi, Turn off WiFi
  •     Search for nearby WiFi networks
  •     Disconnect from WiFi network
  •     Turn on Bluetooth
  •     Turn on Blue light filter
  •     Turn on Do Not Disturb
  •     Scan for Bluetooth devices
  •     Show me my Data usage
  •     Turn on Data saver
  •     Turn on Performance mode
  •     Show me my battery usage
  •     Turn on Airplane mode
  •     Turn up ringtone volume to 80
  •     Increase the system volume
  •     Keep my screen on for 5 minutes
  •     Set the display brightness to 50
  •     Make the screen brighter
  •     Turn on One-handed mode
  •     Open my last two apps in split-screen
  •     Turn off the LED indicator light
  •     Turn on battery saver mode
  •     Keep my screen on for 5 minutes
  •     Turn up ringtone volume to 70% (Turn on do-not disturb, turn up brightness to 50%)

Related commands for contacts, calls, and messages:

  •      Create a new contact as Steven with the number 123-4567
  •      Search for Steven and call him on speaker phone
  •      Call this number on speaker phone
  •      Call my office number
  •      Call Sarah
  •      Text Sarah
  •      Take a screenshot and send it as a message to Steven (or any other name in your contacts)
  •      Decline call and send a text saying I'll call back in 5 minutes 

Application related commands:

  • Open Instagram (or any application you have)
  • Install Pokemon Go (or any application) from the Google Play Store
  • Uninstall Clash of Clans (confirm)
  • Open Gmail and show me unread emails, or it could show me emails from Sarah

Check the weather and schedule before the move:

  •     What’s the weather like?
  •     How will the weather be tomorrow?
  •     Will it rain today?
  •     What time is it in Bali
  •     Show my today’s reminders
  •     Delete the doctor visit reminder

Control the camera with Bixby:

  •      Take a selfie and send it to Steven (or any other name in your contacts)
  •      Open Gallery and find pictures from Bali
  •      Turn on the front camera
  •      Turn on HDR
  •      Turn on Flash
  •      Show me pictures
  •      Set the timer for rear camera to 10 seconds
  •      Apply an effect
  •      Turn on Save RAW and JPEG files for rear camera
  •      Turn on video stabilization
  •      Adjust the ISO of Pro mode to 200
  •      Adjust the exposure value of Pro mode to 1
  •      Turn on grid lines
  •      Take a Panorama photo
  •     Open camera and record a video

Search for photos and videos:

  •      Show me the last picture I took
  •      Delete this picture
  •      Send my last picture to David
  •      Open Gallery and show me my California Vacation album
  •      Show me the most recent pictures as a slideshow
  •      Rotate this picture to the right
  •      Play the most recent video
  •      Add the most recent picture from the Friends album to Favorites
  •      Add auto adjust effects to my last picture (remove effects from my last picture)
  •      Delete the location info from the most recent picture
  •      Delete the travel album
  •      Move Photos that taken in Chicago to a new album
  •      Open Video Player and edit my last video
  •      Open Video Player and share an animated GIF
  •      Play the next video, delete this video
  •      Make an animated GIF from this video
  •      Move the Play position forward by 20 seconds
  •      Open Gallery and Find pictures taken in New York

Listening to music is easier:

  •     Open Pandora and play my 90’s station
  •     Open Google Play Music (play music)
  •     Stop the music
  •     What song is this?
  •     Turn up the music volume to 80%
  •     Remind me to take out the trash tomorrow at 6 PM

Bixby for Social media:

  •     Open Instagram and post the last photo I took
  •     Open YouTube and show my history page (or subscriptions)
  •     Open Facebook and post a recent picture
  •     Post the last photo I took
  •     Post a recent picture with the message “birthday party”
  •     Post a message that I’m going on vacation to Hawaii
  •     Show all posts
  •     Open Facebook and display my notifications
  •     Write on John’s wall that we should go watch Star Wars
  •     Open Facebook and search for George
With these commands, Bixby can be your personal assistant who is very helpful to facilitate daily activities. Of course, in addition to the 100 commands in the list above, there is still much Bixby can do.