2 ways to update Google Play Store on Android easiest

Google Play Store
The Google Play Store is a built-in app from Android devices, any factory-made Android must have this google play app. Google Play Store itself serves as a place to download applications and games that you need and want you intall, so you can download these applications through the Play Store app that already exists on your android.

The Google Play Store is a central app provider that is directly managed by Google Inc. As more and more new android devices with more sophisticated operating systems, Google Play Store also changes and adjusts to the new operating system on the android. Not only that, the Google Play Store that used to only provide applications and games, now also provides other things such as music, books online, magazines, and movies.

Here I will explain 2 different ways to update on the Google Play Store. You can use the first or second way up to you, choose what you think is the easiest to do.

The first way: Using Apk files

As you already know that apk file is one of the many extensions that exist on Android. By using this apk file so we can do the installation offline without internet connection, but we can also share and modify the application. You can update by using apk file from google play store, and apk file you use must be new version, do not even use the older version that you are using.
1. Please guys search apk file from google play store first, look for apk version google play store latest.

2. Once you find it, please download apk file from google play store.

3. After you finish downloading apk file, please you install apk file in your android you want to install google play store. After you install it, automatically google play store you will change according to the version of apk file google play store that you downloaded earlier.

This is the easiest way to update my google play store that you have. The advantage that you can get from using this method is you will not be upset because of the long loading google play store at the time of the update process.

Second way: Live from Google Play Store

The second way is arguably a fairly fast way and not complicated, other than that this way is guaranteed safe because we directly update via google play store, the application is guaranteed safe because it was through the stage of checking by google.

But to do the update using this way you have to set up a smooth internet connection, this is done so you guys are not upset during the update process takes place. To use this way, you also have to set up google account first, because to go to the play store you need a google account.
1. First you must first open your google play store application.

2. Once the application is open, please you go into the settings menu, how to click the dots on the top left corner, then select Settings.

3. After you hit the settings, there will be some settings on your google play store. Most importantly, in this page there are details of the version of google play store you are using, please scroll to the bottom to see the version.

4. If there is a new version of what you are using, then there will be a window that appears to ask your permissions to update or update on Google play store that you have a longer version

5. But if the google play store version you guys have the most updates, it will not appear window and there will be a description of the version you guys use is the most updated.
If you use this version to update, you just wait until the update is complete and your google play store is updated. So you do not need to do that name to install the application again, moreover it is very safe because it is protected from malware and viruses because it is directly from the play store.