3 hidden features on iPhone that are not owned by other smartphones

iPhone X
iPhone users may not be too familiar with some features that apparently exist in this Apple-made device. Starting from the screen recording, vibrating customization for special contacts, to take photos of the document so that the results are focused and evenly distributed.

Indeed quite a lot of features that can be used on the iPhone. Here we choose 3 things that are considered quite important and not owned by other smartphones:

1. Custom vibrations

This feature is useful to let you know who is contacting you. By customizing a custom vibration for a particular contact, you can respond immediately to the friend who contacted you.

To enable this feature, go to Contacts, then tap the Edit section in the top right corner, and select Ringtones to select a vibration for a particular contact.

Then select Vibration and Create Vibration. To create this vibration, users can at will create it. Vibration can be a tap of a finger on the screen or at the same time as the user.

During this vibration-making process, it takes a while. There will be a marker of the vibration making process completed.

2. Screen Recording

This feature can record the screen, but the result is not in the form of photos (screen capture), but the video. So, all the things done to our iPhone, can be recorded with the duration as desired.

The way is easy enough. Go to Settings, then open Control Center and Customize Controls. Select the Screen Recording feature by pressing the Plus sign on the left side of the feature.

Restore the screen position to Home, slide at the bottom of the screen so that Control Center appears. The Screen Recording icon has moved to Control Center so it can be directly used to record the activity on the screen.

3. Photo flattening and focus

Taking photos for documentation is important. But many of the challenges in taking photos, namely how to ensure the targeted photo focus and evenly distributed.

The condition is sometimes rather difficult to obtain. So on iOS 11 there is a feature with the + icon, will help users get a uniform focus.

When the + sign indicates a completely yellow color, it means the user has the exact angle of shooting. Immediately only photos. If the + sign still has a white color, meaning the user has not gained focus and evenly over the object to be targeted.