5 Best Android apps you should try to save battery life

Battery life
The apps in the Google Play Store nowadays are a lot of choices, and one that can be your choice of useful applications is android Application to help save battery. This one application comes with exciting performance where you can save battery power which of course can help to increase performance and performance of smartphone that you have, so that more durable. Here are 5 best Android battery saver apps.

1. Avast Battery Saver

This one application is one of the best options to help save your Android smartphone battery, with a unique performance, which automatically turns off the wifi feature if no wifi is found around you, so the battery can be minimized properly. Emergency mode for the battery condition that will run out can also be found by using applications that have this unique user interface.

2. Battery Save Booster

The app with this minimalist look promises battery life with exciting features where you can find the battery 5 times more secure, with attractive features. Widget, battery temperature display, up to voltage size until battery condition, can be displayed with this application. Data connection up to wifi can be improved its durability with this one application.

3. Du Battery Saver

The next battery saver application that fits into your attractive options is Du Battery Saver, which becomes an app with additional exciting widgets, as well as user-friendly design. You will see information on battery recharging as well as an informative charging process, by maximizing your battery performance, making it more cost-efficient.

4. Booster For Android

The next battery saver app that is suitable for your choice is Booster For Android, which is the choice of applications with the memory removal performance of unused RAM, and of course in addition to saving your battery, can also help the performance of android phones owned become faster, with looks simple, and the design is easy to operate.

5. Battery Doctor

This application comes with interesting features, which can be a reference of your application. Battery Doctor, is one of the power saver applications, with a compact appearance, and also a locker on this interesting application. How it works can help set the brightness level, data processing to RAM management that can certainly help save your battery capacity.    

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