5 important steps to secure WhatsApp after the smartphone is lost

Smartphones lost to fall or stolen people are unlucky fate. Users can lose contacts in WhatsApp, a popular messaging app now in use.

Missing smartphone means losing control over WhatsApp users. Luckily if the user has backed up the conversation history using Google Drive, iCloud and other services before the smartphone goes away. At least users can be relieved of their data is safe.

Yet another case, if not do backups before the smartphone is lost. To secure your WhatsApp account on a lost smartphone, it can be done in various ways. One of the important things, when the smartphone is lost, it may soon contact the WhatsApp team. Another step is to make sure your SIM card is disabled.

Here are some steps to take to secure your WhatsApp data when the smartphone is gone.

1. SIM card lock

The first thing you need to do is lock the SIM card on your lost smartphone. The trick is to contact your SIM card provider.

By contacting the provider, it closes the steps of the irresponsible person to sign into WhatsApp account on your stolen or lost smartphone. Once the SIM card is off, then the person controlling your smartphone can not go around using your account.

2. Turn on WhatsApp again

Once you have disabled the SIM card on your lost smartphone, immediately activate WhatsApp on another mobile device.

How to use SIM card with same cell number on smartphone lost. This is indeed the succinct way. But in case the new SIM card for the old number takes some time to make it, then patiently waiting for it because there is no other choice. Remember, WhatsApp can only be enabled on one device with a single number.

3. WhatsApp team's immediate contact

Another important step is to immediately contact WhatsApp team via email. If so, make sure to include a confirmation sentence in the body of the form: 'Lost / stolen: Deactivate my account'. This sentence to attract the attention of the team WhatsApp and act immediately.

Do not forget, in the report to email, include your existing mobile number on the lost smartphone, along with the country code.

4. WhatsApp can be active with WiFi

Remember, WhatsApp can be active without a SIM card in it. Because by using WiFi then the person who controls your device can control the account on the lost smartphone.

For that reason contact the team WhatsApp to disable WhatsApp you. This step needs to be done, because disabling WhatsApp can not be done from other devices.

5. Take advantage of the 30 days

Users have 30 days to reactivate WhatsApp account, in case the smartphone is lost. Over the course of a month, the WhatsApp account will be completely erased.

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