5 ways to prevent the smartphone from viruses

phone malware
In addition to damaging computers, viruses, and malicious software (malware) also often attack the smartphone. Various risks may occur when the smartphone is exposed to viruses or malware, such as making the smartphone damaged, the data can not be opened or even lost.

Usually, viruses and malware get into the smartphone by utilizing some gaps in the smartphone OS. Even so actually OS developers often provide updates to improve the security of the OS.

As a user you also need to be careful and do the things below to avoid viruses and malware.

1. Do not install applications other than in the official app store

One of the things that need to be done so that the smartphone is not attacked by a virus is never download and install third-party applications or retrieve APK files from the website. This is because APK files are not clear the source is very susceptible to viruses.

2. Check the name of the app developer

You need to know, many fake apps are circulating on Google Play. For example some time ago the famous Pokemon Go app was forged by irresponsible people. This could be one way the virus infects your smartphone. For that you need to pay attention and check the developer before downloading and installing it.

3. Read the app review

Before downloading and installing apps to your smartphone, you need to read the app review from other users. In this review feature you can read the experiences of people who have tried the app you want to install. If the rating and review is bad, you can undo the intention to download it.

4. Update the latest OS

The operating system update has several features that make your smartphone safer from virus attacks. For that, you need to update the OS to the latest version.

5. Install the security application

You should also install security applications on your smartphone. In addition to having security features, this kind of application also features data backup, clearing cache, and lock applications.