Android P will be supported Bluetooth HID allows the phone to function as a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse

Android P
Android P will be supported with the HID (Human Interface Device) Bluetooth device profile. This support will allow users to become Android P-operating system as a QWERTY keyboard or mouse via Bluetooth.

This feature was introduced in 2014, when members of the Qualcomm CodeAurora forum featured patches for Bluetooth HID. The next step takes place in December 2016, when the patch is added.

However, this feature is disabled on the next Android operating system update to date. This feature is re-enabled on Android P after the second commitment is uploaded, with the API now showing after it was previously hidden.

This API lets developers take advantage of it so the app will work with similar capabilities of keyboards and mouse on the mobile users of Google's latest mobile operating system, Android P.

The first device that will be able to enjoy this feature is the Google Pixel series and Pixel XL. This new function will not turn the phone into a PC, but this function allows the user to bring the computer without a keyboard or mouse.

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