Apple became the sixth most preferred company by workers in the United States

Apple logo
LinkedIn announces a survey of companies most interested in workers in the United States. The survey shows Apple as the number six company most targeted by workers in the United States.

Meanwhile, Amazon was ranked first and Alphabet, Google's parent, ranked second in the survey conducted by LinkedIn. The LinkedIn survey is based on four factors.

These four factors are the reach, engagement, work interest, and driving force of new worker loyalty working in the company. The affordability factor displays the recognition that each company has.

While engagement displays the way companies engage with companies during the work process. Job interest shows the number of positions sought in the company, while the driving force of new employee loyalty indicates policies that encourage new and loyal employees not to move.

Apple's rank is one level higher than last year, which is ranked seventh. The LinkedIn Survey showcases a number of compelling reasons that make Apple the company's leading employer in the United States.

Some of these reasons include 25 percent discounts for the device, maternity leave policy of 18 months for mothers and six weeks for fathers, and attention to the health of workers. Apple reportedly provides including a health clinic that employees and their families can use. 

Here's a list of the top 10 most desirable companies according to a LinkedIn survey, along with the number of employees around the world.

1. Amazon (566,000 employees)
2. Alphabet (80,110 employees)
3. Facebook (25,100 employees)
4. Salesforce (30,000 employees)
5. Tesla (37,000 employees)
6. Apple (123,000 employees)
7. Comcast NBCUniversal (164,000 employees)
8. The Walt Disney Company (199,000 employees)
9. Oracle (138,000 employees)
10. Netflix (5,500 employees)

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