Apple CEO Tim Cook calls consumers need better protection

Apple CEO Tim Cook calls consumers needing better protection, and Apple has been concerned about incidents involving personal data provided by consumers without really understanding how to use the data.

This was conveyed by Cook at the annual China Development Forum in Beijing, China. Cook also mentioned that certain information should not be available for use as a way of establishing a psychological profile.

The ability to know what users searched for years, contacted others, stored contacts, likes and dislikes and other intimate information and details, was judged by Cook to be unavailable.

For information, data leak incidents collected from 50 million Facebook users reportedly used by irresponsible parties to find specific behavior and personality criteria, including political parties supported by these users.

The Apple leader also expressed his opinion regarding the imposition of US tariffs on certain Chinese import products, as well as Chinese retaliation.

Cook calls the state of openness the exception and not the country that does not. Cook also called this only a question of agreement between the two parties, and promised to face and support it calmly.

Meanwhile, the United States government has not announced the products affected by the 25 percent tariff increase.

The 25 percent increase in tariffs is a concern that some smartphone manufacturers assembling in China, including the Apple iPhone, could drive significant increases in prices.