Apple has blocked the App Store access from Iran.

App store
iPhone users in Iran find that they can no longer access the App Store. Apparently, the app store was completely blocked in Iran.

Indeed, Apple does not sell phones or let the App Store be accessed in Iran. However, the country's people can still use Apple products by importing them from other countries and accessing the App Store by accessing parts of the App Store in other countries.

Apparently, Apple has blocked the way and ensures Iranians can no longer access the App Store. To do that, Apple blocked all traffic from Iran trying to access the App Store.

It is still unknown why Apple suddenly did this. Allegedly, this blocking has something to do with US sanctions on Iran. Apple made no official statement regarding this matter and they did not respond when asked to comment.

If the block is permanent, iOS device selectors in Iran will have to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network), making their traffic visible coming from another country, to be able to access the App Store. This will make iPhone and iPad users difficult to use Apple products.

When trying to access the App Store, existing iOS product users in Iran will get the message: "The App Store is not available in the country or region you are in."

Apple began to abolish the application of Iran-made developers from the App Store last year. In January, they removed apps that supported transactions for business.

In January, too, they removed a number of popular consumer apps, such as application-based transport services or food delivery apps.

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