Apple is rumored to be developing its own next-generation screen

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Apple is designing and producing its own screens for the first time, said people who knew about the Cupertino company's plans.

The screen design and production process will be performed at Apple's secret factory, close to its headquarters in California. Apple will make a little screen to test first.

Currently, Apple is busy investing for next-generation screen development, MicroLED, said the source, who asked not to be named. MicroLED screens use different compounds than OLED screens to expose light now.

By using MicroLED screen, gadget will be brighter, more power efficient and also thinner. Unfortunately, making the MicroLED screen much more difficult than the OLED screen. Apple almost canceled the project about a year ago, said the source.

Since then, the technicians have begun to successfully develop the technology, which is now in its final stages. Even so, although consumers have to wait a few more years before they can see the results of this MicroLED screen development.

Apple's effort to develop the MicroLED display is part of their plan to make key components in smartphones. Apple has been designing the chips they used on mobile devices since a few years ago.

Apple's decision to make its own screen could damage the business of suppliers like Samsung, Japan Display, Sharp or LG Display.

It can also disrupt a company's business like Synaptics that creates a chip-screen interface or Universal Display, which is a leader in the development of OLED screens.

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