Apple might create a foldable iPhone by 2020

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Analysis of investment services Bank of America Merrill Lynch says Apple is likely to have the latest smartphone design in 2020.

Analysis from Bank of America Merrill Lynch named Wamsi Mohan claimed to collect information from iPhone component suppliers that Apple is working on the iPhone with folding models. It is also supported from the use of OLED components on iPhone X.

iPhone X itself is Apple's first iPhone that uses OLED display panel. As is known from the development of OLED panels, this material is the only display panel that can have a curved design.

LG as the ruler in the OLED component production market has demonstrated itself that OLEDs can be used in curved designs. Samsung actually also produces OLED panels, but they do not boost it because of its expensive production costs.

This information is not entirely true and not entirely wrong, because South Korean local media The Korea Herald said that LG and Apple are working together since the end of last year.

LG will supply OLED panels for iPhone that can be used to design a curved smartphone. In contrast to Mohan who claimed to get this news after meeting with some iPhone component suppliers from Asia.

So far not known what kind of folding model that will be carried by the iPhone. Strong suspicion that this folding smartphone will not use a hinge like ZTE Axon M which has a folding design two screens. Samsung itself is also reportedly preparing a folding smartphone.

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