Apple plans to launch HomePod with an affordable price offer

Apple HomPod
Apple officially joined the realm of intelligent speaker manufacturers last month, when it launched HomePod. These speakers are claimed to be different from other products thanks to the claim of good audio capabilities it supports.

Unfortunately, some parties rate these speakers are not as competitor as they have the limitation of virtual assistant of his work, Siri. In addition, Apple HomePod is offered at a high price of US $ 349, making it the most expensive smart speaker on the market.

However, Apple is reportedly planning to release HomePod with a more affordable price offer by the end of 2018. The new HomePod is sold for between US $ 150 and US $ 200.

With a more affordable price, this device is predicted to be present with the ability to deliver sound quality no better than the more expensive version. In addition, this affordable HomePod will also come with smaller dimensions.

Step present HomePod version of this more affordable price is considered a number of parties as a good decision for Apple.

A number of rumors circulating mention that Apple plans to release a number of products at affordable prices. Affordable priced version products that are rumored to be released soon are the 6.1 inch sailing iPhone, as well as the iPad and MacBook.

But until now, Apple has not given official information related to the information, both with the matter of affordable HomePod, as well as a number of products that are also valued cheaper.

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