Apple prepares the iPhone X with new color options to increase sales

Apple is reportedly preparing to announce an upgraded version of its most affordable iPad, which is US $ 329 on March 27, 2018 when the United States. Along with the upgraded version of iPad, Apple is also preparing to announce the iPhone X with a choice of new colors.

The presence of this new color choice to increase sales of the iPhone X began to decline. Events that will be held tomorrow will bring a theme related to the education market, a market currently dominated by Chromebooks.

In addition, iPad affordable version of this update is also rumored to be supported by Apple's stylus Apple Pencil. Unfortunately, Apple Pencil is claimed to be released until the third quarter of 2018.

Meanwhile, for the iPhone X with a choice of new colors, rumors are calling the color choices ranged from red which is a product of Product RED, and a number of gold color options that will be considered more attractive to consumers in the Asian region.

Apple is also expected to launch an AirPower wireless charging device at the launch of both devices, as Apple's product update. Previously, Apple reportedly proposed a new emoji design to the Unicode Consortium, considered better able to represent people with disability.

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