Apple rejects apps made by the Indian government

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If you ever get an SMS containing ads that are spamming you will not like it. This is what telecoms government wants to overcome in India by creating anti-spam applications on mobile phones.

Although the app helps, Apple, which also provides its mobile phone in India, declined to agree with the presence of the app, causing a feud.

Apple declined to bring the application to the iOS operating system because the application called Do Not Disturb made by the Indian government request access to recognize messages and calls coming into the phone.

For Apple, this could lead to violations of the privacy of mobile users. As is known that technology companies are very high-end protection against the privacy of users of the device, let alone Apple.

Now, Apple is threatened will be prosecuted by the Indian government for its actions are considered anti to consumer protection. In October, Apple promised to help, but no further discussion to date.

Apple itself has provided an answer last week, that it is still looking for ways and discussions with the Indian government to be able to bring the application without violating the privacy of user data.

Not yet known form of demands to be filed by the government of India's telecommunications regulatory body against Apple later. Do Not Disturb application itself has been present in Android phones since 2016.

Apple may sound inconsistent with apps made by the Indian government. A few months ago Apple had time to remove the application type of VPN from the App Store for users in the region of China.

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