Apple released tracking capabilities of skiing and snowboarding at Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3
Apple announced that users can track skiing activity using Apple Watch 3 through third-party applications. Applications that get updates with support of this new feature are Snocru, Snoww, Slopes, Alpine Squaw and Ski Tracks.

All of these apps use Apple Watch 3's exclusive altimeter, which is supported with the ability to track altitude levels. Through this new feature, the app will track a number of factors when the user performs both skiing and snowboarding.

These factors are horizontal distance and vertical slope, average and maximum speed, time spent on the move, calories burned, and number of runs performed during user activity.

In addition, all data collected will go directly to the Health application. This allows users to track statistics and fill ring icons in the Activity Challenge section of the user.

In addition, all apps that get updates containing these new features are also supported with the ability to be controlled via Apple's personal digital assistant, Siri.

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