Australia's Defense Department prohibits the use of WeChat to its employees

WeChat is one of the largest messaging services available today. Applications originating from China are currently known to have reached one billion accounts with 38 billion messages sent every day.

Even so, it is not a guarantee that WeChat can be trusted as a secure messaging app. At least according to the Australian Defense Department. The agency is known to ban the use of WeChat among its employees.

The ban made by the Australian Department of Defense (DPA) was due to fears of spying by China in his country. In addition to WeChat, the Australian Department of Defense is also reviewing WhatsApp's Facebook app.

"Defense agencies do not provide or support the use of unauthorized software including WeChat's social media apps on defense agency mobile phones," said a spokesman.

Last year, the agency in charge of spying in Australia revealed that it has discovered massive espionage activity from other countries. Then, according to Head of Australian Defense Department, Dennis Richardson said China is the most active.

Meanwhile, according to cyber security expert who is close to the government revealed, worries to WeChat is not just about spying action, but also against the data users who are likely to leak.

"The understanding is that applications like WeChat are likely to aggregate and monitor data," said the unnamed figure.

"They (DPA) are probably worried about software paired to a device can access the military security network (Australia)," he added.