Best Buy will stop selling Huawei phones within the next few weeks

Best Buy logo
Huawei will be increasingly difficult to sell its mobile phone in the United States. Best Buy, the largest electronics seller in the US, has stopped requesting a new smartphone from Huawei and will stop selling their products within the next few weeks, according to people who know about it.

CNET informed that Best Buy decided to end its relationship with Huawei. Unfortunately, Best Buy does not provide further details about this plan.

"We are not commenting on our relationship with a particular vendor and we have several reasons to determine the product we sell," said Best Buy spokesman.

Meanwhile, a Huawei spokesman named Best Buy as a valuable partner. However, he also mentioned that "we did not discuss details about our relationship with our colleagues."

Best Buy's decision is increasingly dangerous Huawei, the world's third largest smartphone vendor after Samsung and Apple but difficult to enter the US market. Best Buy is one of Huawei's largest retail partners and one of the companies that sells the Chinese company's mobile phone.

No US carrier provides Huawei phones. In fact, most US citizens buy mobile phones with carriers as intermediaries.

Huawei plans to announce a partnership with one of the operators, AT & T, in January at CES. Unfortunately, the operator actually canceled the agreement because of political pressure. A few days later, Verizon also canceled his plans to sell Huawei phones.

Concerns about Huawei's mobile security have been around for a long time. In 2012, the Intelligence Committee Committee launched the report accusing Huawei and other Chinese smartphone maker ZTE to make telecommunications equipment that jeopardizes national security and prohibits US companies from buying their second product. At that time, the committee stressed that the device they meant did not include a mobile phone.