BlackBerry sues Facebook related patent infringement

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BlackBerry filed lawsuits in the courts of Los Angeles, California, United States, alleging Facebook and its application WhatsApp and Instagram, has violated the patent.

According to the lawsuit, the three social networking applications are stealing features and technology from BlackBerry Messenger. The lawsuit is called the BlackBerry representative Sarah McKinney filed after the two companies discussed for several years.

Deputy General Counsel Facebook Paul Grewal said that his company plans to file a lawsuit again. Grewal assessed the BlackBerry messaging business is no longer in operation and has ignored its efforts to innovate so as to try to benefit from the innovations made by others.

The company that once led the smartphone market is calling that it is trying to collect royalties from companies that utilize a global patent library owned by BlackBerry.

The library consists of 40,000 patents covering the operating system, network infrastructure, acoustics, messaging, automotive subsystems, cyber security, and wireless communications. The demand that BlackBerry sent to the technology company is not the first time.

Last year, Qualcomm paid US $ 940 million to BlackBerry, after the arbitration panel confirmed that the chip designer company owed BlackBerry money to settle the royalty-related battle.

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