China fought and mourned the death of Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking is indeed one of the most famous scientists. No wonder many people are saddened by his death, including in China. In the land of China, a lot of people who idolize Hawking figures.

The news of the death of Hawking directly topped the trending topic in Chinese social media, Weibo. And earned 200 thousand comments in a few hours.

"He will explore the universe and his galaxies, and will eventually return to being the brightest star He belongs to the stars and has returned now," writes one of his worshipers in Weibo.

Many people in China read the famous book by Hawking, A Brief History in Time. Even the Chinese version of the book is rumored to be the second most popular after the English version.
His visit to China in 2006 was greeted heavily, Chinese media comparing his astonishment with Tom Cruise. And when joining Weibo in 2016, Hawking's followers went millions in hours.

Hawking is popular in many parts of the world, but in China it may be higher in popularity than in the West. Smart academics are highly regarded in China. Moreover Hawking achieve it with hard work and in severe pain condition.

"Hawking's status in China is almost like a superstar and the Chinese government also teaches that the power of science is very important for the future of the country," wrote a media in China during Hawking's 2006 visit.
Hawking also did not criticize China's policies and openly admitted to being happy with the country. "I love Chinese culture, Chinese food and above all are Chinese women, they are beautiful," he said during a visit there.

He praised that Chinese people are very smart, hardworking and accomplish much in science and technology. Hawking has also collaborated with the Chinese celebrity in Weibo to captivate the young.

"Whether you want to be a doctor, a teacher, a scientist, a musician, an engineer or a writer, do not be afraid to pursue it.You are the next generation who will shape the future," he told them.
Hawking's departure also made a lot of grief lamented on the internet. "Born in the usual dust, but belongs to the stars up there," wrote a netizen whose writings were quoted by local media.