Chinese government prohibited the letter N used by the people on the internet

Xi Jinping
China is known to strictly enforce internet rules for its people. The proof, not long ago, the Chinese government set the latest internet rules to prohibit users to use the letter 'N' on the internet.

In fact, all the N characters emblazoned on the internet will also be censored. What caused it? The regulation is allegedly a move by the government to respond to the Chinese Communist Party's proposal regarding the limits of Presidential office to be abolished.

For your information, the limit of China's presidential position is now still divided into two conditions, where each limits for five years.

If there is a proposal for the removal of the boundary, automatically the reign of president Xi Jinping can continue unlimitedly.

So, what is the relation of the letter N with the limitation of the term of President Xi Jinping? The reason, the letter N turns to refer to the symbol 'X' in Algebra that may be used as the context of 'conditions N in government' China.

Meanwhile, based on the opinion of Chinese bloggers who live in Perth, Australia, CA Yeung, the letter N actually refers to the word "infinity" which is used in the policy of President Xi Jinping.

On the other hand, a citizen and internet observer Kasumi Shen actually assess the letter N represents the word "No".

However, the prohibition to use the letter N was only temporary and will last for one day. It is not revealed whether this letter will be re-banned within a certain period or not.