Cowen and Company predicts that Apple will produce iPhone X as many as 53 million units during the first quarter of 2018

iPhone X
A group of new analyzes also released predictions related to the number of iPhone X production. Notes from Cowen and Company predict that Apple will produce as many as 53 million units during the first quarter of 2018, in line with previous predictions amounting to 52.5 million units.

However, in the next three months, production is expected to decrease in quantity. Cowen predicts the number of iPhone X units produced during the second quarter of 2018 to reach nine million units, while the previous prediction of 13 million to 16 million units.

Production predictions in the first quarter mentioned Cowen and Company are different from the predictions of JPM and KGI. Both of these research and analysis companies expect the iPhone X to be produced by 20 million units during the first quarter.

KGI also estimates that Apple will release three new iPhone models this year, with 5.8-inch
and 6.5 inches using OLED panel and 6-inch LCD screen model. OLED paneled display models are expected to sell as much as 100 million to 120 million units.

Meanwhile, the model with so-called LCD display panel will sell as many as 75 million to 85 million units. Questioning the successor iPhone SE, until now there is no definitive evidence related to the Apple version of the smartphone is affordable.

Rumors are growing believe that Apple is developing products in that class. Previously, Apple is predicted to order between 250 million to 270 million panels for the iPhone line of output this year 2018. About half of the screen is OLED, while the other half is LCD.

Apple is also rumored to be designing and producing its own screens for the first time, and the screen design and production process will take place at Apple's secret factory, close to its headquarters in California. In addition, Apple will make only a few screens to be tested first.

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