Estimated production of the iPhone X again reduced

iPhone X
Sales of iPhone X seems to be more unflattering. Because some observers again reduced the estimated production of Apple-made phones that.

Securities agency JP Morgan reduced its estimated iPhone X by 25%, from 20 million to 15 million in the first quarter. This is the second time JP Morgan lowered its estimate after announcing the same thing in January.

A number of other analysts also expressed the same thing, one of them Narci Chang. He estimates a 14% reduction in iPhone X production. If he previously estimated there will be 18 million units made, is now corrected to 10 million alone during the second quarter.

When associated with iPhone sales, JP Morgan estimates a decline in the first quarter of this year. If previously their estimates Apple can sell 55 million units is now 52 million units.

This will again be repeated in the second quarter of 2018. Apple is expected to sell 42 million from the previously predicted 45 million.

Apple itself in its financial statements said the sales of the iPhone X is very strong. But if the average revenue per device is US $ 797 compared to the average forecast of US $ 755, then the company that Tim Cook leads actually sells fewer devices.

But at least Apple has managed to prove that consumers are willing to spend a lot of money to buy a mobile phone. Although not many people can do it.