Facebook adds video calls in Messenger Lite

Messenger Lite video chat
Last year, Facebook launched Messenger Lite for Android in developing countries such as the United States and Britain.

Now, Facebook is trying to enrich the application with the aim of improving user interaction. New feature that Facebook launch this time is video chat.

Messenger Lite was first launched in 2015. Initially, the app was Facebook created with the aim of attracting users in developing countries.

Usually, in developing countries, the price of data packets is more expensive and people tend to use Android smartphones beginner class.

However, Facebook then brought this application to the developing world. This is a Facebook recognition that developing citizens also want simple, lightweight apps. Messenger Lite takes up no more than 10MB of memory. That means, applications can be installed quickly and do not require a lot of bandwidth to operate.

Just like in the regular Messenger app, you can find icons to make video calls in talks with your friends or when you're calling via Messenger Lite.

Initially, Facebook only incorporated the main features of Messenger on Lite versions, such as message senders, photos, share links and stickers. Facebook's decision to launch a video chat shows that users of the Lite version are beginning to use more powerful features.

"Video chat is an important part of everyday communication," wrote Facebook. "Chat face to face is a great way to see and hear the voices of the people you care about the most.

"Like when you want to wish a happy birthday, there's good news you want to tell, or when you want to chat about someone's activities."