Facebook allows users to reach their privacy settings

Privacy shortcuts
Facebook releases changes that will make it easier for users to find and adjust privacy settings. This change is presented up in the middle of public criticism related to bad Facebook handle user data and prevent third parties reach millions of data.

This setting change presents three privacy settings steps on the front and main in the Settings menu. Prior to the change, the Facebook menu was judged messy and found the right privacy settings as one of the challenging tasks.

This new setting presents simple shortcuts to functions such as two-step authentication, user control of shared information, the option of managing other Facebook users who can view uploads, as well as the option to learn more details related to ads preferences.

Another change presented by Facebook is a page titled "Access Your Information", allowing users to view publicly shared information and remove uploads on the timeline or unwanted profiles on Facebook.

Not a new feature, but the feature is a feature with a little placement hidden in the settings menu, so most users may not know the existence of the menu.

Meanwhile, previously, Facebook is considered negligent in maintaining the security of personal data users after Cambridge Analytica found doing the practice of cheating by using Facebook user data.

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