Facebook collects phone and SMS data from Android users

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Facebook collects phone recording and SMS from Android devices for years. Some Twitter users reported that they found their phone recording for months, even years in their Facebook data files.

A number of Facebook users became frightened after widespread news about the Cambridge Analytica scandal, prompting them to download the Facebook data stored in their accounts. The data shocked some people.

"Oh, my Facebook file contains every phone call and SMS I made during the year," said a Twitter user. While other Twitter users confess that Facebook keeps recordings of phone calls with the mother of her lover.

Some other users have also encountered similar problems. Apparently, Facebook does store phone recording and SMS with friends and family of users.

Facebook has requested access to contacts, SMS data, and phone records on Android devices in order to provide better friend recommendations and to differentiate business associates with your close friends.

Facebook seems to collect this data via Messenger, which usually encourages Android users to send SMS through the app.

Not long ago, Facebook has raised notifications to encourage users to "continuously upload" their contact data, including phone recording and SMS.

Unfortunately, it is still unknown whether Facebook started storing phone and SMS data since the notification emerged or they had already collected data from the beginning.

Facebook has responded to these allegations. They imply that it's natural that apps access your phone's history when you upload contacts to social media apps.

"The most important part of apps and services that help you connect with others is to make it easier for you to connect with the people you want," said a Facebook spokesperson.

"So the first time you use your phone to use a messaging app or social app, uploading your contacts is common."

However, the same is not the case with iOS device users. Indeed, Apple allows certain applications to access phone and SMS data.